Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recovery Time

Whooosh! I feel like I should be in a ICU for Home Renovation. My darling husband decided to refinance our house while the interest rates are still low. The only problem was we had to get a appraisal. Oh my.... You've never seen two people move so fast with a paint brush. Now I spent all summer tackling my to do list but so much needed to be done. Am I the only one who paints a room and the trim is left undone for a few months??

Of course the appraiser could have cared less. I'm sure he has seen some pretty rough homes and his parting words was having a clean and prettied up house makes no difference. He better be glad he was moving out the door on those words! We knew staging made no difference so we didn't bother but gosh it had to be clean! But I did get a pretty new kitchen faucet out of the deal and a hubby who was willing to work!

Here's my pretty new faucet that will be joined by a new counter(granite hopefully!) and white subway tile soon.


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