Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things are changing...

and it isn't just the leaves on the trees. Wow things have really changed here since my last post. Shortly after my last post about our appraisal we decided to start seriously house hunting. The appraisal made us realize that nothing else we could do to the house would improve the value. We live in a wonderful neighborhood but most of the houses are all in the same price range. Extra square footage is the only thing that increases value and not by a whole lot.

The third house we looked at met all of our needs so we made a offer! I seriously can't believe it all happened so fast. We have our current house up for sale and close on the new one December 15th.

We are going to so miss our current house. We brought both of our kids home as new babies to this house and it holds so many memories. Both kids are excited about moving so that is a plus. The new house is a foreclosure so it needs a good bit of updating which I'm excited about. DH has promised me a nice updated kitchen as well once our current house is sold.

I'm currently not working. Crazy I know but the stress of keeping the house perfect for showings was starting to really freak us out so I decided to leave my part time job. It was a risk and I'm not a big risk taker but DH reminded me nothing in life worth anything is without risk.

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