Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Almost to the Finish Line

We close on our old house tomorrow! Finally! The relief my hubby and I feel is immense. I can wait to go out and pick new floors out. We are getting a nice chunk of equity back that we plan to spend on improvements for the new house. Our first plan was to split it in half and put half towards repairs and the other half towards the mortgage. Unfortunately the market is overflowing with houses up for sale so we sold for about $12,000 below our appraised amount. In the end though we just wanted it sold and to not have to deal with it anymore.

This weekend I plan to tile the kitchen backplash and my hubby is hopefully going to work on the pool. Did I mention we have a concrete pool here? We are excited to not have to deal with pool liners however is needs to be painted. Since the house was a foreclosure it sat for about a year so it is full of leaves,frogs and a few dead squirrels. Yuck! So we have drained it and next up is a good cleaning. From what my hubby said then we have to acid wash it and then paint. I thought of saving it for a next summer project but the kids miss their pool. No way we can afford to fill it with water twice so we will deal with it now.

Well I'm off to the bank, grocery and post office. I promised the kids one last swim at the old house so we will stop there last.

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