Monday, June 14, 2010

Decision Time

So we did close on our old house last Wednesday. What a relief! The money is in the bank so now it is time to make decisions on what we are putting into our new home. This past weekend we focused on flooring. We hit all of the local stores and decided to head into Memphis late Saturday to check Lumber Ligquidators out as well. So far our favorite has been 99 cent laminate at a local seconds store. Hilarious! However we really want to go the hardwood route. Since we are doing this ourselves, I've been on the mission to find the click type. We'll have to go with engineered but we are okay with that as long as it looks nice. I really want to find something for under $3 a square foot. I found a few options online so now I am just waiting for the samples to come in.

We came back from Memphis to find a leak in our hot water closet. Thinking it was the water heater we called into our home warranty place for service. I got in there today and noticed it was worse. Pulled the carpet up and the pad was SOAKED and that it wasn't the water heater. Oh great I thought as it seemed to be coming from the tub on the other wall. Well the service guys came and guess where it was coming from??? The freaking toliet on the other side of the tub had loose bolts and it was leaking out of it. They tightened the bolts and collected their $60. Laughing to myself was seriously my only option. We seem to play the What Will Go Wrong in this House Today? game alot around here.

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